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Mortgage Refinance

The Second Mortgage Outlet ensures competitive interest rates for second mortgage loans for home repairs and bill consolidation with preferred jumbo lending.

Millions of homeowners have benefitted from 2nd mortgages that provided cash out.

Choose lenders offering from prime rate and bad credit mortgages. Refinance Second Mortgage

With SMO you get refinance loan quotes as fast as you can submit an application online. The US Government agreed to buy bad credit mortgages and fixed rate equity loans and second mortgage loans have all seen improved interest rates in recent months.

Even in the toughest economies, subprime lenders make buying and financing a new or foreclosed home, so much easier.

Find out if you qualify to refinance your first and second mortgage together. Second mortgage rates are low but first mortgage rates have reached historic lows.

Debt Consolidation

Reduce Your Debt and Consolidate Bills
Getting a fixed rate first or second mortgage can help you accelerate the pay-off of your credit cards and loans. Fixed rate FHA cash out refinancing and 2nd mortgages have set terms with fixed monthly payments.

Bad Credit Mortgage Refinancing
Consolidate debt and repair your credit, even if you've had previous bankruptcies. Refinance your ARM with fixed-rate options from our sub-prime and FHA loan programs. Save money with lower interest and fixed monthly payments.

Fixed Rate Loans Save Money!
Refinance mortgage loans offer borrowers who are late on their ARM another chance to refinance with a government insured low rate home refinance loan.

New risk based premiums position FHA to provide an expanded mortgage refinancing product for sub-prime borrowers.

Cash out second mortgage refinancing are becoming more popular again in 2013, as many homeowners are seeing equity in their property for the first time in the last few years. Many borrowers are utilizing subprime and FHA lenders more and more for cash refinancing. Get approved for fixed mortgage refinancing while rates are at record low!

Jumbo Mortgage Loans

$417,000 to 3 Million Dollar Loans
For home buyers looking to buy or existing homeowners considering refinancing loan amounts over $417,000. Fixed or adjustable rates available with the jumbo programs. Refinance and access your home's equity. Talk with home equity experts can help improve your mortgage situation while getting cash from your home.

FHA Home Loan Financing
FHA mortgages are popular with new house buyers and people with less-than-perfect credit. Homebuyers only need 3.5% down and FHA recently raised the loan limits so most states can finance or refinance loans from $417,000 to $700,000 depending on the cost of living.

FHA Mortgages Guarantee No Pre-Pay Penalties!

FHA Streamline Refinancing
If you have a FHA mortgage, we can do a streamline refinance loan that lowers the interest rate with very little documentation needed. Let us help you find a HUD approved mortgage lender quickly. Reduced income documentation is required with streamline FHA mortgages for qualifying borrowers!

97 FHA Mortgage Loans for Refinancing

You will quickly learn that our lenders have the foresight to always be offering new refinance and second mortgage programs that evolve with trends driven from the financial marketplace on Wall Street. Whether you need cash for remodeling your home, a better interest rate or need help stopping foreclosure process, SMO has a team of refinancing experts ready to make it happen for you. FHA rates for refinancing your mortgage have dropped to 3 Year levels! Our lenders recently introduced more cost effective FHA home purchase loans that 1st time homebuyers continue to claim that meet their financial needs and budget goals.

Thank you for visiting our critically acclaimed finance website for "A paper", sub-prime, second mortgage and conventional home mortgages. SMO offers consumers the ability to compare conforming refinance, subordinate home financing and bad credit mortgage refinancing options with sub-prime or FHA loans. Our finance company boasts of an All-Star group of mortgage lenders came together to provide competitive 2nd mortgage, home equity lines of credit and jumbo mortgage loans for home purchase, refinance or bill consolidation. Loan limits for conventional and FHA mortgage refinancing will remain intact in 2010. This will help homeowners shift gears with more responsible refinancing with a fixed interest rate loan. 100% VA home mortgage loans offer veterans a no money down home loan and VA mortgage rates are attractive because rates are starting at 4.5%.

  • Fixed Rate Second Mortgage
  • FHA Refinance Loans to 96.5%
  • Bad Credit Refinancing Mortgages
  • ARM Refinancing Solutions
  • Bill Consolidation Loans
  • Home Refinancing Loans

Second mortgage loans are fixed rate home equity loans and home equity lines of credits have adjustable rate interest rate solutions for getting cash out of available equity in your home. This equity could be used with 1st or 2nd mortgages for any purpose such as making home improvements, consolidate debt, vacations, or unexpected expenses. Call today and benefit from a free consultation from a mortgage loan expert that will walk you through the home loan process.

Second Mortgage Outlet provides info about refinancing mortgage solutions with funds to use for debt consolidation or accessing cash from equity that may have built up in your home. Refinance loans can be used to improve financial situations. We have partnered with respected lenders like Countrywide and Mortgage Refinance Loans from Nationwide. We offer fixed rate mortgages that provide debt relief and lower monthly payments. If you would like to fund home improvements, college tuition, then give Second Mortgage Outlet a call or apply online to get a loan started immediately. Refinance your ARM mortgage with an interest rate that helps you balance your budget every month.

100% home purchase loans for 1st-time home buyers are hard to find unless you are a veteran! 97% home financing is available with recently reduced FHA rates.

Search for the Best Second Mortgage Loan Programs Online

  • Interest Only Mortgage Loans
  • Cash Out Credit Lines
  • Bad Credit FHA Refinancing
  • Debt Consolidation Loans
  • Low FHA Mortgage Rates
  • Second Mortgage Refinance
  • 100% VA Mortgage Loans

Second Mortgage Outlet is dedicated to making life easier for homeowners who can benefit from our secondary financing solutions. Our customers keep returning to us online because of our automated loan engine and the many years of experience that our loan officers and mortgage lenders possess working in the mortgage industry. We help borrowers get the best second mortgages, one loan at a time. Let Second Mortgage Outlet help you find the loan you have been so valiantly searching for online.

We believe homeowners should utilize the equity in their home wisely and have access to the cash they want, when they need it. Our second mortgage loans offer you a lump sum loan amount at closing with a competitive interest rate fixed for the entire life of the loan.

Get more info on a home equity loan or credit line for every type of borrower. Even if your credit scores have dropped below 600 and other mortgage lenders are rejecting your loan application, Second Mortgage Outlet will find you lenders who fund loans for people with bad credit scores.

Fixed Mortgage Refinancing Solutions You Can Trust

  • Home Equity Builds Wealth
  • Loans for Bill Consolidation
  • Sub Prime Mortgage Refinance
  • Alternative Income Verification
  • Home Improvement Loans
  • Low Cost FHA Mortgage Loans
  • No Annual Fees for Credit Lines

If you have no equity in your home, but want to take out a home equity loan, The Mortgage Outlet offers mortgage loans with no equity required. Take out a new mortgage and refinance your adjustable rate loans and credit card balances that may be rising each month. SMO will work with you and introduce you to participating mortgage lenders and brokers that ensure a second mortgage that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Whether you live in Los Angeles, California, or Memphis Tennessee, Second Mortgage Outlet can help you get the mortgage or home equity loan that ensures the best financial state possible. Our lending body consists of trusted mortgage lenders that are approved to originate residential mortgage loans and home equity credit lines all fifty states. You will reap many benefits from our mortgage products with discount interest rates and reduced closing costs that will help keep more money in your pocket!

The Mortgage Outlet has gone above and beyond with their appraisal refund program that pays borrowers the cost of their appraisal after their second mortgage closes. The refund program is only for stand-alone 2nd mortgages for refinancing or bill consolidation. Second mortgages in a purchase transaction do not qualify for refund. Conforming and FHA interest rates may vary. Check with your financial representative for daily rates applicable to your credit score, equity level and income documentation type.

SMO has kept up with the changing times in the mortgage sector. With the demand for mortgage refinancing surging, we have opened the door with more refinance loan programs to meet your growing needs. The availability of subprime refinancing and hard money loans has all but disappeared. The Mortgage Outlet is an accredited FHA lender who can provide you with multiple government loans that will improve your monthly payments with less risk. Even if you were recently turned down for refinancing because you have bad credit, apply again because the Hope for Homeowners, HARP refinance and modifications may provide a new opportunity to eliminate the rising interest rates of your ARM while keeping your home.

Mortgage Refinance Types

FHA Mortgage Refinancing
Second Mortgage Loans
Mortgage Refinancing
Debt Consolidation Rates
Consolidate debt with a second mortgage up to $500,000. There's no need to keep your high rate credit card debt when you can get an equity loan that offers a fixed rate and no more revolving credit debt. Talk to lenders in regards to pros and cons of debt consolidation.

Home Loan Support

Learn More About Debt Consolidation Loans that Could Potentially Save You Money

Many people think it takes at least two years to get a second mortgage after a bankruptcy. Not necessarily, you may actually be able to qualify for a refinance or a home equity loan after BK. You'll just have to pay higher interest rates.

But, rather than worry about trying to get a refinance or second mortgage after a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or Chapter 7, you could instead save yourself a lot of money and hassle by getting a bad credit secured home equity loan now to pay off collections and judgments or for refinancing high-rate credit cards. FHA rates are low, fixed and available to borrowers who have past due delinquencies.

Get Free Mortgage Refinancing Advice from the All-Star Loan Officers.

The interest rates on a debt consolidation loan is a lot less than what you currently pay for your credit cards, especially if you're paying universal default rates--a sudden interest rate hike of 4 to 9 percent to as high as 30%. According to Paul Richard, executive director of the Institute of Financial Education (ICFE) in San Diego, with universal default language written into any loan agreement, all it takes is one late payment toany creditor to have the high, ugly rates kick in.

Debt consolidation loans can help you keep your house by paying your past due debt, saving you from foreclosure and the forced sale of your home. Consumer credit counseling organizations offer debt consolidation, but it could actually cost you more over the long run. And, the monthly payments are generally higher than those of debt consolidation loans. Read the complete article - Second Mortgages and Debt Consolidation.

Evaluate the savings from a 2nd mortgage refinance that revises your equity loan with a fixed rate. Stop paying costly private mortgage insurance (PMI). Available with an adjustable or fixed rate. FHA introduced increased Loan Limits for cash out refinancing.

Do you need to buy furniture for your new home? Maybe you want to consolidate some credit cards or take out cash for education.

A home equity credit line (HELOC) is similar to a credit card. You pay only if and when you use it. Unlike a credit card, a home equity line of credit has better rates and the interest may be tax-deductible. The most popular house improvement loans are the HELOCs.

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Let Second Mortgage Outlet help you maximize your home equity. Since 1999, we have been helping families from coast to coast find lenders to consolidate their revolving credit cards with fixed rate second mortgages for potential monthly savings. Our lending services deliver All-Star mortgage lenders to consumers that are interested in a wide variety of loans, like house buying, refinancing, 2nd mortgages and home equity credit lines in all fifty states.

Borrowers will have No equity issues. 80-100% home financing!

Get some help funding home construction for your new home!

No time to wait as your adjustable rates are climbing- Refinance today!

Get cash to pay for home repairs or to consolidate past due loans

2nd Mortgage Refinance
If you have an adjustable rate second mortgage, talk with our team about getting a fixed rate.

Low minimum payment info - Interest Only due when accessing credit line

Homeowners can find debt relief with our fixed payment second mortgages

Turn your home improvement plans into an affordable house remodel!

Don't worry about past credit issues with our Sub-Prime mortgage loans

Credit Requirements for Second Mortgage Loans - Learn what fico scores & established account requirements need to qualify.

Get approved today - million dollar financing regardless of loan size!

Reduce your interest rates and learn how to stay on track for your budget!

You will enjoy the simplified loan process at Second Mortgage Outlet!

Get ready for fun in your new pool! Finance the fun with FHA 203k loans

FHA Home Financing Look at our popular government programs. The FHA rates are low, with little down required.

Home Equity Criteria for Second Mortgages - View the LTV criteria to determine loan amount limits.

Open End Second Mortgages - Get the details and terms for HELOCS.

Easy applications for home loans!

Home Equity Line of Credit Rates 
Get updated interest rates for credit lines and open ended liens.

Variable Rate Interest-Only 2nd Mortgages - Low intro credit lines can help fund home remodels.

Second Mortgage Refinancing
Fixed rates have been reduced, so refinance your credit line and save more money!

Closed End Second Mortgages - 
Learn more about installment loans and fixed home equity loans.

Home Financing 100% 
Veterans get rewarded with no money down for purchase and refinance loans.

Revolving Second Mortgage - Find out how mortgages and credit lines revolve like credit cards.

It is time to remodel your kitchen!

Get cash with your home equity!

Loans for 1st time homebuyers!

Enjoy great service and high levels of 2nd mortgage product knowledge.

Second Mortgages for Cash Back
2nd Liens can be attractive cash out loan alternatives.

Low Fico Score Second Mortgages - Late payments and too much revolving debt hurt your credit.

Find out why FHA Lending companies rate our company is at the top for government refinancing 2 years in a row!

Refinance Negative Amortization Home Mortgages with a fixed rate loan and fixed monthly payments. Must have good credit.

Limited Documentation Refinancing Second Mortgage Lending - Access useful info about borrowing with Home equity.