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Second Mortgage Outlet provides 125% second mortgages with funds to use for consolidating debt or used to fund home improvement projects. 125% loans can be used to improve financial situations with bill consolidation that helps borrowers pay off revolving credit cards that carry variable rate interest. We offer 2nd mortgages that provide debt relief and lower monthly payments. If you would like to fund home improvements, college tuition, then give Second Mortgage Outlet a call or apply online to get a loan started immediately.

The interest rates for first mortgage have been rising, but second mortgage rates are still low for fixed rate loans. These days, homeowners have started to take out second mortgages to pay off credit cards debt to achieve lower monthly payments. We offer 125 mortgage plans and new home refinancing programs under the HARP 2.0. There is no loan to value considered on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans. The HARP refinance doesn't cap a 125% refinance anymore.

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Let SMO help you manage your finances with high LTV home equity mortgage options. Since 1999, we have been helping families from coast to coast consolidate their revolving credit cards with fixed rate second mortgages that save money every month. Our lending body consists of All-Star mortgage lenders that are approved to originate 2nd mortgage loans and home equity credit lines in all fifty states.

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2nd Mortgage Refinance for refinancing your home equity line with a fixed rate. You can stop paying excessive private mortgage insurance (PMI). Available with an adjustable or fixed interest rate. Second Mortgage Loan amounts to $500,000.

Poor Credit Refinance Mortgages A refinance loan that offers more choices for the borrower each month. Bad credit, late mortgage payments and past Chapter 7, 11 or 13 Bankruptcies are OK!

Get approved for a 2nd mortgage in just a few minutes and compare several loan options from All-Star Mortgage Lenders. Consolidate your credit card debt and enjoy the savings.

Home equity loans for first-time home buyer! Do you need to buy furniture for your new home? Maybe you want to consolidate some credit cards or take out cash for education.

Home equity credit lines offer access to money for home improvements and 2nd home construction.

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Time is running out on your variable interest rates. Refinance today!

Second Mortgage Credit ConsolidationWrap all your credit card debt into a fixed rate loan. Consolidate debt with a 100% mortgage.

Home Equity Criteria for Second Mortgages View the LTV criteria to determine loan amount limits.

Refinance Rates for Second Mortgage Loans Refinance your equity loan and save with a fixed interest rate.