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Second Mortgage Outlet offers info about credit score criteria for qualifying for second mortgage loans online. Many applicants have asked us what fico scores are used to determine if a borrower qualifies. SMO has decided to outline the credit score guidelines for your convenience. We offer solutions for both fixed second mortgages and revolving home equity credit lines. Even if your credit scores are low, we may be able to find you a 2nd loan that meets your goals financially. We are seeing improvements in pricing and equity parameters for 2nd mortgage requirements in 2015.

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Find a 2nd mortgage or credit line for almost every type of homeowner. Even if your credit scores have fallen below 600 and other lenders and brokers are rejecting your loan application, Second Mortgage Outlet will find you lenders that specialize in financing people with low credit scores.

Understanding Credit Score Ranges for 2nd Mortgages

Credit Scores for 100% Second Mortgages range from 580 – 800.

Credit Scores for 2nd Mortgage Loans range from 640 – 800.

Credit Scores for 90% Second Mortgages range from 550 – 800.

Even if you have been turned down for a refinance before, we have new bad credit mortgage programs that may offer you significant benefits.

Second Mortgage Outlet provides quality 2nd mortgage products for rate and term refinancing, bill consolidation and cash back. We suggest that you look at all your home equity financing options before taking on a new 2nd mortgage using your property as collateral. Second mortgage refinancing allows you to refinance your adjustable rate mortgages and get a fixed payment that saves you money and helps you pay off debts faster.


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