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SMO announced several affordable cash out mortgages to homeowners that wanted to get quicker access to funds without refinancing their first lien. Compare rates on and 1st and 2nd mortgage programs to determine which loan best suits your needs. The cash out mortgage is a unique feature that can increase your home financing stability while offering additional security because our fixed second mortgage payment remains the same each month for the entire term of the loan. Enjoy the stability and get approved for a fixed interest rate and monthly payment that is set for life. There are never any penalties to pay off earlier, so if market conditions improve you can refinance into a lower rate without paying extra fees. If you are looking for a cash out refinance or 2nd loan, SMO will help you get free quotes from experienced lenders.

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Cash Loans with Bad Credit

SMO offers a variety of 2nd programs that will subordinate to your current traditional or non-conforming lien. Bad credit mortgages are available to borrowers seeking an affordable alternative and a 2nd chance.

  • Home Mortgages with Cash Back up to $2,000,000 Loan Sizes
  • Cash Lending Possible with 500 Fico Scores
  • Get Cash for Tax Deductible Bill Consolidation
  • Reduced Standards on Cash Mortgages and Credit Lines
  • Fixed Interest Rate Equity Loans for Quick Access to Money
  • New LTV Guidelines on Cash Out Loan Programs

Second Mortgage Loans for Bill Consolidation 2nd Mortgage Loans for Making Home Improvements 2nd Mortgage Refinance Debt Consolidation Rates

Low minimum payments - Interest Only due when accessing credit line

Homeowners can find debt relief with our fixed payment second mortgages

Turn your home improvement plans into an affordable house remodel!

Do not worry about past credit problems with our Sub-Prime Loans
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