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FHA Streamline Refinancing
Quick Government Mortgage Refinance Loans with Bad Credit Allowed

SMO works with FHA mortgage lenders that offer streamline refinance loans for borrowers with existing FHA loans for quick rate and term refinances. We offer quick fixed rate refinance loans with record low FHA mortgage rates. We enable current FHA homeowners an easy more automated process that requires less documentation than the standard conventional loans demand. If you already have a FHA mortgage, we recommend that you consider that this may be the lowest interest rates for the next five years. Evaluate all applicable refinance options before committing to a 30 year mortgage term to make sure that you are financing wisely.

FHA Streamline Refinances

Fast and Easy Streamline Refinancing with FHA
FHA Loans for Bad Credit Refinancing
Fixed Rate FHA refinancing
Less Documentation with FHA Streamlining
Streamline Government Mortgage Loans
Lower the Interest Rate with Little or No Cost
Refinance for Lower Mortgage Payments

We recommend the thirty year fixed rate mortgage when refinancing with an FHA mortgage, because the housing market and economy have so much uncertainty that it makes sense to commit to a low rate today with a guaranteed fixed rate for the duration of the term. Remember that if the rates do drop again and you made your mortgage payments on time, you can always utilize the streamline refinance loan if the lower rates save you money.

Lock into a Low 30-Year Fixed Rate Loan

FHA Streamline Rates Ensure Low Payments and Competitive Pricing!
97% FHA Rate and Term Refinancing
Streamline Mortgage Rates are Better than Sub Prime Loans
Less Income Documentation with Streamline
Bad Credit is OK with Good Mortgage History
Low Cost FHA Streamlining
No Cost Fixed Rate Refinancing

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