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Jumbo mortgage loans are required when the loan amount exceeds the conventional or FHA or VA mortgage loan limits. Check the current loan limits because they vary by region. Jumbo mortgages typically have a higher interest rate and in some cases are more difficult to qualify for. We are one of the few jumbo mortgage lenders offering discounted non-conforming loans to applicants with a range of credit. Get more info on high balance mortgages that exceed $417,000. Find out how much you could save with a jumbo mortgage refinance from experienced loan companies and banks.

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SMO offers non-conforming jumbo mortgages for purchase or refinancing transactions from mortgage refinance lenders. Many borrowers need help get approved for a jumbo loan amount, when the loan amount exceeds $417,000. Many homeowners are looking for affordable solutions and creative financing that may be available with today's jumbo home mortgages. Jumbo FHA loans usually carry a higher interest rate and have bigger LTV restrictions.

SMO will introduce you to lenders that provide jumbo loan options for primary residential and second home financing. We suggest that you look at all your jumbo mortgage options before buying or refinancing your home to make sure that you are getting the best home loan for your situation. If you have a mortgage loan over $417,000, SMO is a great place to start when shopping for affordable jumbo loans. 2013 jumbo limits remain high so get a free quote today from jumbo mortgage lenders.

Super Jumbo Mortgages up to $1,900,000 loan amounts
Refinance your home with great jumbo mortgage rates with fixed or interest only loan terms. Jumbo rates have fallen below 3% on 5 and 7 year hybrids. (APR 2.95%)
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  7/1 ARM is 2.75% (APR 2.95%) on $425,000 loan for a borrowers with a 740 fico score, under 75% LTV with 1 point paid at closing– 9-20-12.

Bad Credit Mortgage Refinancing
Sub-prime lenders offer refinance loans for people with low credit scores.
Mortgage Refinancing – is essential for consumers to get cash, pay off debt and improve their loan terms. Home Equity Loan Refinance
The Fed reduced rates again, so refinance your line of credit and save!
2nd mortgage Consumers who already have a first mortgage they are satisfied should look at our 2nd loan options.
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The clock is ticking on your adjustable mortgage rates. Refinance your 1st or 2nd mortgage today even if your 1st mortgage is considered a jumbo loan! Cash in with home equity and lower rates for bill consolidation and home remodeling. Home Loan costs have been reduced and the interest rates are discounted to help borrowers afford a fixed loan. Borrowers have more purchase power with low payment programs like jumbo refinance with an interest only payment option.

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