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The act of refinancing a 2nd mortgage lien is considered a refinance second mortgage. SMO has extended several second mortgage programs this year to help people roll their HELOC's and adjustable rate 2nd mortgages into a new fixed rate loan. A few years back, many homeowners took out home equity credit lines that had variable interest rates and as the rates rose, the demand for second mortgage refinancing has increased dramatically. Refinance good and bad credit mortgage loans now and lock into an affordable fixed rate loan.

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Many people like to refinance 2nd loans while consolidating high interest credit card debt at the same time. In most cases borrowers are saving a few hundred dollars a month because the fixed rate options guarantee reduced interest rates on fixed terms. Many homeowners have lowered their credit card bill with our debt consolidation incentives that come standard with our 2nd loan programs. Consider a refinance second mortgage now before rates start going up.

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Please note that refinance rates on 2nd mortgage loans are subject to change. Not everyone who applies for refinancing will be approved.
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