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In 2010, mortgage refinance rates for second mortgage loans reached an all-time low for fixed rate equity loans. Second Mortgage Outlet provides 2nd mortgage rates for refinance, debt consolidation and cash back. We suggest that you look at all your 2nd mortgage finance options before taking on a new home equity loan using your property as collateral. Fixed second mortgage rates enable borrowers to refinance adjustable rate mortgages and get a fixed payment that saves you money and helps you pay off debts faster. Enjoy the benefits of fixed rate refinance loans and get qualified for a second mortgage refinance today. Second Mortgage Outlet offers many 2nd programs that will subordinate to your current conforming, unconventional or jumbo home mortgage.

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A study conducted from October 10-12, 2006 by Harris Interactive ® by Countrywide Home Loans indicates that Americans don’t fully comprehend or utilize their home equity as a financial tool. “There’s a prevalent misperception about mortgages that may prevent many Americans from realizing their home’s full financial potential,” says Dan Hanson, managing director of Countrywide Home Loans. If you understand that your home equity can be leveraged for personal and financial goals, you are one step ahead of most Americans.

There are a lot of reasons to consider utilizing your equity and refinancing your home equity loans into a new first mortgage. Just because you already have an equity loan doesn’t mean that you can’t still use your home equity as a financial tool. If you are in debt with credit cards or have other revolving debt, debt consolidation may be an excellent way to make use of your equity. Your interest rates and payments are likely to be lower, especially if you cash out. If you can be responsible with your credit cards after consolidating, you will ultimately save money in interest.

If you have already taken out home equity loans or have a 100 % first mortgage you can still refinance. You can pay off your 2nd with a new 1st mortgage refinance or consider converting 80-20 home loans that you took out to avoid PMI. 100% percent mortgage financing is not impossible. If there is equity in your home, you can still cash out and a select group of mortgage lenders will allow you to refinance up to 110% and there is still no PMI. However, if you refinance for 90% or more, keep in mind that there will be a higher interest rate because the LTV exceeds 90%. You should also consider a home equity refinance if you have an adjustable rate loan with rising payments.

Consider all your second mortgage options carefully. The trick to realizing your home’s full financial potential is to stay educated and make wise decision. Equity that is used for further investment or for saving money in interest may be a smart choice. Just be sure get all the information for each home equity loan quote, so you can and to work with a lender that you trust.

Rebecca is a respected writer and article contributor to several magazines, as well as the Los Angeles Times. Please visit the following additional home financing resource websites: To get a free loan quote for a home equity loan for people with all types of credit, please check out the special loan offers at Second Mortgages. If you need more loan advice about credit lines, take a look at the flexible programs offered online. For the latest interest rates for fixed rate 2nd mortgages or interest only credit lines, please visit Home Equity Loans. Article Source:

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