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People with bad credit still need cash out, and sub-prime second mortgages may be the best method for consolidating debt and refinancing adjustable rate loans. Paying down debts, not closing the accounts and not using the credit cards will raise the borrower's credit scores substantially which will put them in a position where they could refinance the 2nd mortgage for a better interest rate when the credit scores rise to prime levels. Fixed rate 2nd mortgages are considered a better choice for debt consolidation than home equity lines of credit because in most cases it is easier to manage your budget with a fixed-interest-rate that enable borrowers to have a simple interest amortized schedule of payments that does not vary through the entire term of the mortgage.

Second Mortgage Outlet's provides sub-prime second mortgages for refinancing, debt consolidation and financing home improvements. We suggest that you look at all your second mortgage options before taking on a new 2nd mortgage that uses your home as collateral.

  • Hard Money Second Mortgages
  • Home Equity Mortgages up to $500,000
  • Bad Credit Second Mortgages with 550 Fico Scores
  • 100% 2nd Mortgages with 580 Fico
  • Fixed Rate Sub-Prime Refinancing

In a recent article, Harris Interactive reported that 91% of homeowners consider their home equity as the most important financial asset. This nationwide survey released last month indicated that many homeowners may be overlooking their house as a useful financial option for cashing out with a second mortgage. This report "indicating a gap in Americans' understanding of how to make the best use of a new or existing mortgage." For example, an older couple approaching retirement may think that paying off their mortgage makes the most financial sense. However, depending on their future plans and expected financial situation, there may be various mortgage solutions that, in fact, help them manage and achieve their changing financial goals."

2nd Mortgage Refinance and revise your loan with a fixed rate. Stop paying costly private mortgage insurance (PMI). Available with an adjustable or fixed rate. 125% 2nd Mortgage Loan amounts to $125,000.

Poor Credit Refinance Mortgages A refinance loan that offers more choices for the borrower each month. Bad credit, late mortgage payments and past Bankruptcies are OK!

Get approved for a 2nd mortgage in just a few minutes and compare several home equity options from All-Star Mortgage Lenders. Home equity credit lines offer access to money for home improvements and bill consolidation.

Second mortgage loan and credit lines amounts to $500,000. Choose from interest only, 100% home financing, fixed interest rates and negative amortization.